Much more than coffee

First, we do what we do for the love of coffee. Coffee is more than just a drink, It is a morning ritual full of aromas and flavors that awaken our minds, body and spirit. It's what we drink when we talk business, love and everything else. It's what allows us to follow our passions and do good in this world.

You know the saying “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts?” Good, really we believe in this principle. We believe that better ideas and results occur when people work together. That's why we are building a community Roof – a place to work, a place to play, a place to communicate between them and the nature. A place to create ideas and make them happen! But we will not stop there, it is also about social responsibility and what we are doing all to make this a better world.






Our mission & Values

Use our beautiful coffee farm to integrate social enterprises and community to create experiences and opportunities where passion and purpose to unite.

  • Family - either by blood or by choice, life is better when shared
  • Innovation - taking risks, inspire creativity
  • Education - creating our future
  • Culture - we are proud of who we are
  • Sustainability - for the health of our planet and all beings