It takes a community

Our mission is to use our beautiful coffee farm to integrate social enterprises and community to create experiences and opportunities where passion and purpose to unite. Below is a list of companies that are already on the farm shows, which it serves as the basis for our big plan.

our Associates

Community Antigua Green School It is a diverse group of students and leaders. We encourage our students as leaders in their learning, and encourage their natural curiosity to explore the world around them.

Successful development teams work, using adventure activities to bring in members, attitudes that lead them to strengthen their intellectual abilities, physical and spiritual, and reconnect with themselves and nature.

Education for children (eftcis) is an international NGO based in Guatemala. Dirigimos School of Hope, primary and secondary school where we educate 462 impoverished and support other children 215 higher education students. We work with disadvantaged children and their families to break the cycle of poverty through education and empowerment.

The Garden of Hope is a community permaculture garden that provides children and young people a place to connect with nature, promote joy and develop life skills.

HSA It offers curriculum in Spanish for all ages. Schedule classes on any day of the week: It can take them on their own, or share a class and save money! We make it easy to learn at their own pace.

He Equestrian Center La Ronda It is aimed at anyone interested in everything related to horses, including riding lessons, lessons for children with special needs and.