Frequently asked questions

You asked, we said

How long is the tour?

If you take a tour, wait a 2 hours. Nevertheless, you can do a self guided tour and take all the time you want / have.

Can I take pictures and videos during the tour?

You can take as many photos as you want during your visit and short videos for personal use. Nevertheless, if you want to take photos or videos of professional or farm, by Falor notify us in advance for permission.

What language it is the tour?

The tour is available in English or Spanish.

Does the tour wheelchair accessible?

And, It is accessible to wheelchairs, Nevertheless, parts of the farm may not be fully accessible.

Is there food available for purchase?

And, Snacks and drinks are available for purchase.

How should I dress or what I wear for the excursion?

comfortable walking shoes for the farm. During the rainy season (From May to October) It is always a good idea to have a rain jacket and / or umbrella.

Where they are located?

Please, see our Contact Us for instructions.

Do I need to make reservations for the tour?

No, just go to the farm. Our hours of operation 8 a 4 pm Monday through Friday and 8 a 1 Saturdays. The tours start time, every hour from 9 am and the last starts at 3 pm.

What payment methods accept?

You can pay in US dollars, Guatemalans or credit card quetzales.

How I can buy you coffee?

You can buy our coffee on our farm, Café Doña Luisa in Antigua or Amazon if you are in the US. THE.

Can I buy your coffee for use in a fundraiser?

And, Contact Us to obtain information.

Can I buy your coffee for my coffee?

And, Contact Us for more information.