About Finca La Azotea

For five generations, our family has prided itself on producing coffee that has been carefully cultivated from seed to cup.

La Azotea is well known in the Antigua Guatemala for its high quality coffee, long tradition and commitment to the Guatemalan culture. La Azotea, which means the ceiling in Spanish, is named after the drying yard that uses the same type of material as old style roofs. . Today, La Azotea is best known for its iconic arch at the mill leading to the drying yard.

Originally, farm cultivated cactus plants to raise conchineal, an insect used in making red dye, but the invention of chemical dyes finally collapsed industry. In 1883, Dona Mont bought the plantation and his son, don Marcel Orive, He turned it into a coffee farm. In 1908, the son of Don Marcelo, don Alberto Orive, enlarged the farm and modernized the factory. In 2000, part of the plantation became a museum complex, the Cultural La Azotea, which houses the Museum Café, K'ojom and Rincón Sacatepéquez.

La Azotea not only produces and processes the best coffee in Antigua, it also houses more, as the Equestrian Center La Ronda, two schools (Education for Children and Old Green School), the Garden of Hope, Lead-Up International and others. The current owner, Ricardo, and his family live in Antigua, Unlike many other plantation owners in the area. Because they live here, They know that many other people in Antigua are looking for green areas and collaborative spaces. Their goal is to open the farm to create a place where people want to work, play and innovate together. Ricardo and his family also take social responsibility seriously. Please, Read about their social responsibility.